5/24/2024           Time 8:13 Tehran

Managing Director Message


Embracing Collegiality

As I look at the growth since our inception in 1998, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for a promising future. We have successfully transitioned from a small venture to become a respected firm, garnering business from across the nation and the globe, mounting in the face of adversity, forging our clients' trust.

It is satisfying to know our ability to help clients build strategic blueprints that enable them to operate pivotal aspects of their businesses efficiently. Significant contribution is the hallmark by which we measure performance. We hold ourselves, as our clients do, to utmost commitments of bestowing with excellence.

In evolving markets, clients are increasingly privy to solution provider options. Mindfully, they deliberately select Arapad as partner due to experience, dedication to community and integrity.

Conveying Arapad’s successes, I always repatriate to my prime directive and guiding principle –

Commitment to Success – imperatively endowing the world we are present in. We labor to enable partners and customers obtain objectives. As we burgeon, each new day offers opportunity to pursue improvement. We strive deep rapport by discernment of environments, challenges and objectives, afford tangible solutions with candid perspective.

Among most important assets is the extensive competence, seasoned professionalism, and unwavering devotion of recognized, diverse resources at our core. Engagement Executives, Subject Matter Experts, Delivery functions, and Senior Management, Arapad Team performs eminently.

Through our harmony with authority we are vested professionally, travailing to fulfill best practice solutions. Focus on strong marketing campaigns, embedding our partners’ technologies and capabilities on a grand scale at the top national organizations.

Arapad’s mettle, mission, and vision true to partners, establishes brand recognition, due presence and respect by pillars of sustained, mature 150 years of combined engineering, marketing, sales, and business development of our seasoned managers.

I rejoice in greeting you at Arapad.


Ahmad Ghasempour

Founder, CEO, Managing Director


Arapad Co. are a medium size reputable, well-established OEM representative, distributor, engineering, and trading company in Iran. Established in 2006, our founders have brought their strengths and business history that dates back to and since 1998 into Arapad.


Currently, Arapad employs a staff of high grade and competent managers and engineers with a combined overall experience of more than 150 years of expertise in our fields of activities; that include but not limited to Automation, Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution, Railway Electrification, and Optical, Copper, and Wireless Communication in Power Utilities, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Transportation, ICT, etc. sectors.


We take pride in employing high standards of quality of our work and business ethics; and only partner with the best of the best in the world. Our size, intelligence, and open-mindedness in business enables us to practice the utmost flexibility and adaptability in creating and adopting newest strategies and business and solutions methods on a continuous basis.


Arapad have been the local and successful agent of several reputable, international manufacturers including:


  1. Imefy (Transformers) www.imefy.com
  2. TAIHAN Electric Wire Co. (High Voltage Cables and Accessories) www.Taihan.com
  3. TAIHAN Fiberoptics Co. (Optical Communication) www.tfo.co.kr
  4. Isodraht (Contact wire) www.liljedahlbarewire.com
  5. Partex (Marking system AB) www.partex.se
  6. Werma Signal Technik GmbH (signal devices) www.werma.de


We offer the following services in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Business Development, M&A, Joint Venture, Investment & Financing to our partners and clients:


      -      Facilitating partnership due diligence

      -      Market analysis 
      -      Presentation of the manufacturer and their capabilities
      -      Arranging for presentation and factory visits of the client, and working towards and facilitating the approval process
      -      Facilitating effective responses to RFI and RFQ inquiries
      -      Proactively facilitating the negotiation process all the way to executing the contracts between manufacturer and the client 
      -      Advising and resolving the governing laws and procedures; e.g. regulatory, insurances, taxes, duties and tariffs, foreigner affairs, financials, etc. 
      -      Facilitating the invoices and payments
      -      Releasing the guarantees and bonds on PAC and FAC or retention

      -      Attending to tenders as EPC

      -      Providing Stock of high runner products


Please kindly contact us with your solutions and business needs.